Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Why was the Mark Steyn Show cancelled from CRTV?

I do not have a CRTV subscription, so I have only seen limited snips of Mark's show, but I liked what I have seen. Why would CRTV do this so early in this gig? I have no idea what went down and I would be speculating if I gave you a theory. Now they are in litigation (which is not a good development). 

Steyn is my favorite Rush fill in guest host. I am a big fan of his take of politics and popular culture

I want more Mark Steyn on TV, not less. Of course the time demand for the TV show resulted in less postings at his site (so he might start posting more).  

Ash Wednesday

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

President Trump's Joint Address To Congress 2017

Yeah, yeah, it's not a State of the Union...but.

I didn't agree with every point and position made, but overall President Trump did very well tonight. I was especially though the emphasis on merit based immigration was a YUGE shift in the right direction.

The emotional moment of the speech was addressing and recognizing the sacrifice of Carryn Owens, wife of slain Navy Seal Ryan Owens. That was a powerful moment. My prayers and condolences to the Owens family.

Democrats refused to applaud putting American first. What a surprise. A few Democrat "leaders" also sat stone faced during the Owens tribute.

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Keith Olbermann is right, no feet on the furniture!

Since I am in a Fat Tuesday mood of just offending everyone now...

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Mandi Gosling

Hollywood: O.J. "Moonlight" Simpson Soon To Be Released From Prison?

Not that there is anything wrong with being gay (so what if OJ likes the transsexuals in prison)..but the un-convicted murderer part might be a downer for a comedy movie. But what about O.J. Simpson coming back for gay black drama? O.J.'s dad was a drag performer so he knows the drill.  Now that he is getting out of prison, maybe someone can spin O.J's story into the next "Moonlight"?

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Time for Trump To Put On The Wonk Suit?

I agree with Roger on this. Trump would be wise to lay out a wonkish plan.

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Oscar Night Epic Fail

Boom! And these smug contemptuous asshats want to tell us how to run the country?  They can't even give out awards properly.  

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