Saturday, August 19, 2017

#GameOfThrones : Season 8 Script Spoilers or Fan Theories?

We are not even though Season 7 yet, and now Season 8 script leaks are out there? Are they real? They could be real. They could be fake. So if you don't want to read spoilers, don't read these links.

If they are fan theories, they are interesting. It is certainly a plausible way to end the series.  

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Separated at Birth: Arya Stark and...?

Ayra Stark and Steve Bannon: They both have a list...

Proof Positive: Bannon: "Hold my beer..."

Wombat: Power Line: Apple Funds Left-Wing Hate Group (the SPLC is all about money and we can only assume Apple shares its hate agenda), also, Statue Of Limitations (2), Twitchy: Charles Barkley Brings Voice Of Reason To Monument Debate

Put A Ring On It!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Stabbing attack in Turku, Finland

Hot Air: Mass Stabbing Attack in Turku, Finland (possibly more perpetrators)

Initial reports strangely silent on motive (other than mental health)

I am disgusted and concerned. The media (at least in the USA) is sickly obsessive about Trump and Charlottesville, yet this looming threat in Europe and the West continues to march on. Roger Simon is right, the problem is not Nazis. There is a far bigger threat out there.  

Is Steve Bannon finished?

Update:  While not officially confirmed yet, it looks like Bannon is going gone. He may have already resigned and that interview he did was just to sealed the deal. Still, Bannon may be more effective for the Trump agenda outside than in.  

A lot of NeverTrumpers are predicting Bannon goes out for revenge against Trump. They then nuance that by saying he will be attacking Kelly, McMasters, etc. I guess we will see what happens, but I do not get the feeling Bannon wants to destroy Trump. Bannon does unleash, however, on the GOPe.

Rush Limbaugh is stepping up to act as 'chief strategist' to President Trump. Rush recommends that the President focus on the economy. Will Bannon now become a media hero? 

Hot Air: Fantasy/Reality and Mitt/Trump

This works too

Roanoke: The Lost Colony

The ship returned on August 18, 1590, only to find Croatoan carved on a post

The Lost Colony

Okay there are lots of theories what happened: Abducted by aliens?The Lost Colony of Roanoke, and the Mysterious Lost Colony

Wilder theories aside, and given no bodies were found, the most probable is the most likely: They were attacked by a nearby tribe. They had valuable things (like metal) the tribe would want. Tribes often attacked other groups. Either the colonists were all killed, or the natives killed the men and took the women as captives.  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Debbie Wasserman Schultz's IT Guy Imran Awan Indicted

Total Eclipse: Iron Maiden with Bonus Bark At The Moon

A Can't Miss Event? Of course, if you are looking at hours of backed up traffic, it might not be so appealing: Colorado/WyomingOregon, MissouriSouth Carolina--which could continue on to Wednesday.

Powerline: How to safely watch a solar eclipse or CNN

Instapundit: Kid Solar Eclipse Activity Books

Guardian: Prepping for the eclipse in Idaho

But don't burn your retinas...

A collection of sites known for appreciation of Rule 5 and once in a life time lunar solar eclipse events:

Terror Truck Attack in Las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain Update: Second attack in Cambrils

Daily Mail: 13 killed, over 100 injured in ISIS terror attack in Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Victory Girls: Death toll now 14 and Multiple people killed in Barcelona 

The Sun: Two dead, twenty injured, driver flees on foot

AoSHQ: How does CNN react? and Trump Tweets

Heavy: Melania Trump prays for Barcelona

Hot Air: 13 Dead, attackers holed up?